The Raid Reggio Calabria-Milano starts again from Pescara

Forty years after the purchase of his first vintage car, the famous collector Corrado Lopresto organized a Raid at the end of 2019 that was supposed to cross Italy from Palermo to Milan, passing through Bagnara Calabra, his hometown.

The protagonist of the expedition is the 3-speed Fiat Balilla purchased by Lopresto on 23 December 1979 and still in perfect working order, accompanied by the vintage cars of friends and enthusiasts who come together along the way.

The Raid started from Palermo on December 14th, covering the whole Sicily and arriving in Reggio Calabria on the evening of the 15th. The next morning the group set off in the direction of Castrovillari, but the Raid had to be interrupted and did not continue in the following stages.

To ideally complete this path and get to end it in Milan, the Raid restarts from Pescara on the occasion of the "Festa della Rivoluzione" dedicated to Gabriele d'Annunzio.

Still aboard his Balilla, Corrado Lopresto will pass through Fermo, Ancona, Senigallia, Pesaro, Ferrara, Mantua to arrive at the Vittoriale and finally to Milan.